Our Services at Alpha

  • 01. Planning, Architecture, Detailed Design and execution of Projects
    ALPHA Constructions provides turnkey solutions for planning and execution of projects ranging from residential buildings, apartment and commercial complexes to Industrial projects. We ensure that the client is fully involved in the decisions taken at each step of the process while they are spared the hassle of orchestrating its execution.
    Our architects and designers employ the latest design processes to ensure that the customers vision of his ideal home is realized. Our dedicated work force consisting of contractors, civil engineers, painters, fabricators and more envision the best designs and work seamlessly to execute them.
    We provide planning, architectural, detailed design and construction services for any project that we take up. Alpha Constructions guarantees both the quality and the cost effectiveness of any project it executes. We believe that customer satisfaction is an apt scale to measure our success with.
  • 02. Interior works and painting for projects
    Alpha constructions is well suited to provide personalised and suitable designs for the interiors of any project. Be it an independent residence, a residential complex or an office building, we pride ourselves in delivering a design that is suited and to the liking of our clients. We guarantee the highest quality and the most innovative designs suitable for your project.
  • 03. Design and execution of Structural Components
    Alpha Construction has considerable experience in the field of structural design and fabrication of components, water tanks, trusses etc. We undertake industrial projects and provide services ranging from planning, design, detailed engineering, fabrication and supply to the erection of the above components.
  • 04. Consultancy on architectural design and plan
    Our varied clients have a number of requirements which need be addressed before a final plan is made. Our in house draftsmen and associated architects help realise these requirements through architectural plans, perspective drawings and detailed drawings that are essential prior to construction.

News and Events

  • Our client Dr. Uday Kumar's house construction at Richmond circle is our upcoming project .
  • Our client Mr. Harish kumar's house construction at LIC colony is in progress.
  • Renovation work for the Mentally challenged school near Nimhans is in the finishing stage.

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